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Cat Accessories

Litter trays are an important subject to all but the completely outdoor cat. Every cat needs its own litter tray, and multi-cat households are advised to keep one tray per cat plus one extra. Different cats have a variety of needs – from size, shape, hooded or unhooded – and the owner too has a variety of needs – clean and tidy, low odour, aesthetically pleasing in the house, easy to clean and maintain.

We stock a wide range of sizes, colours – even an extra large tray that comfortably fits a big Main Coon!! Hooded trays are extremely useful as they give the cat a bit of extra privacy, but also reduces the amount of litter that gets scattered on the floor around the tray. Some trays have carbon filters in the hoods which go a long way to reducing or eradicating unwanted odours.

We also stock wood based litter and clumping litter. Catsan Smartpacks are the ideal product for the busy professional. No messing with bags of litter and scoops. When you cat has used the litter tray, simply roll up the used litter mat and discard, and then replace with a new litter mat. Simple!!!

Lupine cat collars are of superior quality and design. They come in a wide range of attractive colours, with or without a bell, and all with the essential safety release catch. They carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against fraying or breakage. Our own cats always wear Lupine collars and they have proven very gentle to delicate cat necks too!!

We stock BECO products which are made from 80% natural plant waste products, which is the most ethical form of biodegradable plastic substitute. They are durable, dish washer safe and come in a range of attractive. We stock small, medium and large bowls, litter trays, scoops and are very reasonably priced.

At Catseye Cattery we can never emphasise highly enough the importance of having a safe, comfortable, adequate sized carrier for your cat that is fit for purpose. Common problems are:

  • Buying a carrier when a kitten is still only a few months old. Underestimation of how big the cat will be when fully grown is common, and the adult cat is then squashed into a carrier that is far too small for comfort. Always buy a carrier that is too big for the kitten so that it will fit the adult cat later!
  • However friendly cats may be at home, any cat is better to be in a carrier alone rather than being transported in with another cat. This will certainly add to the stress of a car journey or trip to the vet, not to mention the difficulty of getting both cats into the carrier AND being able to shut the door!
  • A carrier will not necessarily last for a cat’s entire life, or last through several family cats. It will depend on how often it has travelled and how carefully it has been handled, not to mention the quality. Always check that all the clips and fasteners are intact and fully working. NEVER transport a cat in broken carrier as the cat could escape or get hurt.

We have a range of high quality carriers in different sizes and designs. Choose one that is BIG enough SAFE enough and COMFORTABLE enough!

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"Our cats travelled all the way from New Zealand and their journey was made less stressful by finding themselves in such a wonderful cattery! Thanks Michael & Helen"

N. Waran
Professor of Animal Welfare

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