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Eat – Cat Food

At Catseye Cattery we believe that all our cats deserve to enjoy the best possible quality diet and we stock a range of cat foods that are often not found in supermarkets. Many foods are designed for specific nutritional needs and should be selected on an individual basis according to your own cat’s requirements.

Humans are now learning more and more to respect and enjoy the food they are eating and are aiming for higher quality, organic and nutritionally sound products. They understand the benefits that this brings to their overall health. Many people feel that the high quality cat foods are more expensive than those found in supermarkets, but often there is little or no wastage, and the positive benefits to your cat’s health more than justifies the cost.

Breed specific foods are extremely useful as the food’s nutritional balance carefully complements the different health needs of individual breeds.

We stock Royal Canin/ Hill’s Science Diet/ Lily’s Kitchen/ James Wellbeloved/ Nature/ Applaws/Fish4cats and more.

If you like to treat your cat to fresh fish or meat occasionally – or even regularly – why go to the trouble of cooking when you can offer them an enticing dish of Applaws? Even a cat staying in the cattery who is feeling homesick and not keen to eat can rarely pass up the offer of this high quality 100% natural food.

All cats love treats but they are particularly prone to dental problems, and can easily become overweight if given too many unhealthy treats. Lily’s Kitchen offers Crunchy Nibbles, which are high quality natural organic, hypoallergenic dry biscuits that can either supplement wet food or can be used as nutritional treats. Cats love the fish and chicken flavours which have 50% fish/meat content and are good for teeth too.

If you regularly use a particular brand/type or size of food and you would like us to stock it for you please contact Michael.

Lily’s Kitchen from Close Up Productions on Vimeo.

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"Our cats travelled all the way from New Zealand and their journey was made less stressful by finding themselves in such a wonderful cattery! Thanks Michael & Helen"

N. Waran
Professor of Animal Welfare

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