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Keeping Fit and Healthy

You can easily see the wild animal instincts in a cat’s behaviour, and they need plenty of stimulation and play to keep them happy, fit and maintain a healthy weight. Most cats sleep for around 16 hours a day so their waking hours need to be interesting and active. They love to sit up high and watch the world from a safe platform. Many scratch posts offer varying levels for the cats to sit, play, rest, hide and simply observe life.

Cats are prone to becoming anxious, depressed or bored, especially if they live indoors and have little in the way of stimulation. An anxious cat can develop behavioural problems such as aggression, urine marking or obsessive behaviours such as over grooming. A depressed cat will become lethargic, and lose interest in life.

Your cat deserves to be allowed fun and find challenges every day that keeps their natural curiosity nurtured and satisfied. Running and chasing each other can also help to develop the bond between cats who live together.

An unfit overweight cat is likely to be an unhealthy cat with a shorter life expectancy and a poor quality of life. Many long term health problems are closely linked with obesity in cats just the same as in humans.

Your cat is dependent on you to give him the best care possible, both in terms of healthy nutrition and active lifestyle. Many house cats live indoors as access to the outside is either unsafe or inaccessible. A responsible owner therefore needs to provide their cat with an interesting habitat which allows them to satisfy their natural instinct to explore and take ownership of their territory.

Every cat household needs a scratch post. The market is full of varying designs, quality and durability. A good scratchpost looks attractive as well as being functional and is the best way to protect your carpets and furniture. They help to encourage play and exercise for cats of all ages.

Scratchposts also perform a useful function in the territorial complexities of a multi-cat family. Scenting and marking a scratch-post is infinitely more acceptable than using your new sofa!!

We stock a wide range of different sizes and designs from a basic platform post to the taller multi faceted scratchposts

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"Our cats travelled all the way from New Zealand and their journey was made less stressful by finding themselves in such a wonderful cattery! Thanks Michael & Helen"

N. Waran
Professor of Animal Welfare

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