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All cats love to play and enjoy having toys to amuse them. Indoor cats need to have plenty of stimulation to ensure adequate exercise and prevent boredom.

Kittens need to have plenty of play to use up their endless energy, and even older cats are often seen to have a sly play with a toy when they think no-one is watching!

When cats and kittens stay at the cattery we love them to have something interesting to play with to help to keep them entertained..

Playing with your cat is not only good for them, but it also increases the human-feline bond when you spend regular fun time together. Play helps to strengthen the cat’s hunting skills, while enjoying the stalking, stealthy movement, precise pounce and the victory of success!It helps all cats, but most particularly kittens and indoor cats, to release all their energy and work out any negative energy or aggression that may particularly exist in a multi cat household. Regular fun and play helps cats to get along with one another too.

Keep a variety of toys so that you can keep interest and amusement by introducing a few different toys each day. That keeps play fresh and interesting. You can enhance play by making the ‘catch’ come alive – vary the speed and movement, hide the toy and let your cat enjoy the pursuit. Work out what times of day your cat is ready to play and encourage short bursts of activity regularly.

Catseye Cattery chooses products that are safe, entertaining, durable and above all good quality. We look for products that are organic and eco-friendly too.

West Paw Design have a wonderful range of cat toys manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. They use 100% organic catnip which drives cats wild and just lasts and lasts. We also have a wide range of other makes and ranges available to buy in our cattery shop and on our website.

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"Our cats travelled all the way from New Zealand and their journey was made less stressful by finding themselves in such a wonderful cattery! Thanks Michael & Helen"

N. Waran
Professor of Animal Welfare

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