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At Catseye Cattery our team of 4 work very hard along side Helen and Michael. The cattery is always staffed throughout the day with Michael & Helen live on site too.

Harriet Milbourne

Hello, I’m Harriet.

I have always loved cats and there have been cats in my household since I was born. I currently have three fluffy felines of my own; Bella, who is the oldest, and Hamish and Ivy who are brother and sister and the babies of the family. I love them all dearly!

I first started working at Catseye in 2014 and I absolutely love working here. It is one of the most fun (and fluffiest) jobs! Looking after so many different kinds of cats with all their various personalities and quirks is brilliant. I look forward to spending time with them everyday!

Wendy Johnston

I’m Wendy and the newest member of the Catseye team. I worked at a cat rescue for six years dealing with all types of cats from all backgrounds. I also fostered over 100 pregnant cats, mum cats and their kittens, semi feral cats and older or ill cats during my time there.

Some of my foster cats became my own cats and at one point I had six cats of my own. Unfortunately I have only one left, Tommy, but I’m sure the numbers will increase shortly.

I have visited Cyprus a few times and have volunteered at Tala Monastery Cat Park which cares for over 400 stray and unwanted cats. This has involved feeding the cats, treating them for fleas and worms and cleaning out pens.

I also help with looking after rescue dogs for German Shepherd Rescue Scotland and Lab Rescue Scotland. At the moment I have a 10 year old Shepherd and have just adopted a 2 year old black lab.

Dean Fraser

Hi, I’m Dean

I have always had a passion with animals in general and their welfare, but since a child cats have always come on top of the animals list. I have always been around animals since a young age, cats, dogs, birds… You name it!. I have my very own cat called Square whom I rescued from Cyprus back in March of 2014, who I absolutely love and adore.

I worked at Lothian Cat Rescue for six years, between 2010-2016 where I’d met 1000’s of cats of all shapes and sizes and temperament. Between those six years I have fostered a lot of semi feral kittens which I worked with to socialise and get them homed into normal homes where family’s could love the cats they could be. I have also volunteered in Cyprus at Tala Monastery where they have anywhere between 300-400 cats/kittens at one given time!. You have already probably guessed that’s where my Square came from. Volunteering there involved a lot of cleaning as you could imagine with so many cats, including litter trays, medication, fleaing and worming and spending time with and socialising them. Have also worked at another cattery based in the borders. During leaving Lothian Cat Rescue and starting at Catseye Cattery I volunteered at Borders Rescue in Earlston.

I started working at Catseye cattery on September of 2016 and been loving it ever since, I have during my time came across a few ex Lothian Cat Rescue residents and of course meeting lots of new furry babies. I love getting to know each and every cats own and unique personalities, their likes and dislikes and of course making their stay at Catseye cattery as enjoyable and peaceful as possible.

Catriona Ferguson

Hi, my name is Cat.

I grew up in a household with many different animals, including horses, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, and more! So, needless to say, they have been a passion of mine from a very young age. I currently have quite a few pets of my own, many of whom are rescues. I keep 5 snakes (the ball pythons Cas, Sal and Ivar, Barney the kingsnake, and Sandy the cornsnake), Nina the bearded dragon, 2 guinea pigs called Widget and Yuki, 3 hens called Ginger, Cinder and Copper, plus many arachnids and other invertebrates (so I won’t include all of their names!)

I do not have a cat of my own currently, but if I could keep one in the future, I would absolutely love a Ragdoll.

I volunteered with the Scottish SPCA for around 1 year, where I assisted with the care of many different cats, dogs and small animals with all different personalities. I then went on to study Animal Management for a year at Sparsholt College, where I also had the opportunity to work with a huge variety of animals at their Animal Management Centre (including kennels, cattery, and zoo on site).

I have since worked in a few different animal care positions, but I first began working at Catseye Cattery in February 2015, and I absolutely love working here! It’s great to meet so many different cats, getting to know each of their unique personalities, and spending time with them each day to make sure they have a fantastic holiday!

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"Our cats travelled all the way from New Zealand and their journey was made less stressful by finding themselves in such a wonderful cattery! Thanks Michael & Helen"

N. Waran
Professor of Animal Welfare

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