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We all love our moggies and can have the most wonderful and rewarding relationships with them. Every personality is different and we are so lucky to meet many amazing unique characters. It is also great fun to see a number of different pedigree breeds of cat who come into our care, and a real learning experience to find out about the characteristics and temperaments of the different breeds. We have so far seen 28 varieties of cats aside from the domestic short hair and long hair cats and feel very privileged to have been able to see them. We have had:
Siamese / Tonkinese / Birman / Persian / Maine Coon / Norwegian Forest / Sphynx / British Shorthair / Ragdoll / Ragamuffin / Asian / Oriental / Russian Blue / British Blue / Devon Rex / Siberian / Burmese / American Shorthair / Bengal / Abyssinian / Scottish Fold / Turkish Van / Lynx / Egyptian Mau / Somali / Havana / Exotic Shorthair / Exotic Longhair
We look forward to enjoying many more breeds and personalities in the future. It is a very special experience that all of us at Catseye Cattery enjoy and will treasure the memories forever!

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