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Keeping cats safe at Christmas

Cat enjoying Christmas

Christmas trees
The only 100% safe way to keep your cat away from your Christmas tree is to put the tree in a room the cat can’t reach. Unfortunately, this is often not practical. So the next best solution is to make the tree as safe as possible. Real Christmas trees are more dangerous to cats than fake plastic ones. Pine needles can puncture internal organs if eaten and are also toxic to cats. If you do have a real tree, make sure the drink stand has plenty of water to prevent the tree drying out and losing needles. Make sure that your cat isn’t able to get to this water and drink it as it could lead to poisoning. Ensure the tree has a good solid base so it won’t easily be knocked over by your cat and try not to have the tree near furniture that cats could use to jump onto the tree.

Artificial snow
Artificial snow is toxic to cats, so is best not purchased.

Candles are especially popular over the Christmas holiday period, be careful to make sure your cat can’t get close to lit candles.

Ornaments and tinsel
Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias are all popular plants to have in the home at Christmas. These plants, however, are toxic to cats so should be placed where your cat can’t get to them.

Taken from Your Cat Magazine with their kind permission

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