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1. Make sure your cat doesn’t stay out too long in cold weather especially when temperatures are freezing. Watch for signs of frostbite – most commonly on tips of ears, pads of paws and tail. Look for pale, white or glossy skin.
2. Your cat will appreciate somewhere cosy to sleep – preferably off the ground to avoid any chill drafts. Cosy beds with sides to keep the warmth in and radiator beds are always very popular. See the shop…. Protect your cat from hot wood stoves/ open fires where they may get too close lured in by the warmth.
3. Cats love to curl up in warm cosy places – and warm car engines can sometimes be a place of choice. When you start your car sound the horn or bang on the car before setting off just in case an outdoor cat has tucked itself up into a warm place under your bonnet!
4. Good healthy nutrition is even more important in the winter months for your cat, just as it is for us humans! Make sure you give your cat the best possible quality foods to keep them healthy with strong immune systems.
5. Beware Anti-freeze: it is the sweet taste that attracts cats- add that you should check your car for any fluid leaks

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