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As all our regular customers will know, we aim to process a booking within 24 hours and send a confirmation e-mail so that the customer can be assured that their booking has been confirmed. Occasionally an e-mail does not get through – possibly due to human error e.g. a mistake in the e-mail address. Most errors though would mean that the e-mail bounces back to us, which makes us aware of the problem.
There have been a few occasions however, where our e-mail has landed in a customer’s junk mail and so they do not see it. This can cause us great concern as the customer may think we have not responded and their request for space has not been confirmed. This can depend on the individual settings on a customer’s e-mail system, e.g. our corporate information carries the word ‘Facebook’ which could potentially be viewed by the system as junk.
Please always check after booking that we have confirmed that we have received your request and do not hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure.

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