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How can I order cat collection service and how much it would be?

We offer a collection and delivery service door to door between the cattery and your home. Transport times are mutually agreed and are usually undertaken within normal opening hours once the busy morning round is finished. We have a new ( Aug 2021 ) flat-rate charging structure for Edinburgh postcodes. Please see the prices on this page. If your postcode isn’t listed, please call the office on 01875 341090 so we can assist you.

This service can be useful if you will be arriving home out-with normal opening hours or you suffer from unexpected travel delays. It may be possible to make an arrangement between us and a family member / friend to deliver the cats back to your home so that they are there when you get back. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

When do I need to Book the Cat Collection or Delivery Service?

We ask that you book the collection and/or delivery service at the time of making the boarding booking. This means that we can put you in our diary system and not over-book collections or deliveries!

Our online booker has the option to request collections or deliveries. Please select this from the “Add Ons” drop-down menu on our online booking system via our website

However, if for any unforeseen reason you require the collection or delivery service after you have booked your cats’ stay, please do let us know as soon as you can. We’ll make every effort to assist your requirements.

We’ll call you a day or so prior the arrival to firm-up the arrangements and check for any parking restrictions at your home address. We’ll also use this opportunity to take the final payment.

What type of Vehicle to you use for Collection & Delivery?

We operate a kitty collection service van – New VW Caddy. The van is fitted with an internal cage where the cat carriers are stowed, making the trip ultra-secure. Air-conditioned and warm: a “chauffeur” driven trip to your cats’ holiday is just what they’d love!! 

What times can you Collect or Deliver?
We’ll normally collect / deliver cats within our opening hours. This service will be agreed at the time of booking and we normally give you an hour time window when we’ll arrive. A text message will be sent when the van is en route giving you plenty of time to prepare.
Can you collect from Edinburgh City Centre?
Yes! Our van is usually very busy in and around Edinburgh – and beyond! Including Edinburgh Airport Cargo Centre.
Can you collect or delivery outside the Edinburgh area?
Yes! Subject to availability, we can collect and deliver to anywhere in mainland UK. Please ask for a price and availability.
How can I tell that my cat is settling?
You should see your cat sleeping, playing, being naughty, interacting with our team and eating during the day. If your cat is doing this ( we work hard to ensure that this happens! ) you will know that they are happy and settled!
How often can I expect to see my cat being visited by staff?
You should see a member of the cattery crew in attendance from 7.30am until 6pm. They’ll obviously not be with your cat for the whole of that time! But you can be assured that there is always someone in attendance and will visit your cat at least 3 times during the working day. If your cat has any particular medications needs, the visits could be more often than that.
What if I can’t see my cat?
Please don’t worry if you can’t see your cat! They could simply be sleeping a lot in the cosy indoor bedroom or under the shelf!
What do you sell in the shop?
We stock a wide range feline goodies from treat to sleep! And we has access to 1000s through our wholesaler network!

We stock the full range of Royal Canin feline dry foods, Lily’s Kitchen wet and dry, Feliway, Pet Remedy, Cat Litter, Beds, Cat Carriers, Scratching posts, bowls, mats and toys.

Can I buy food and litter when I come to pick my cat up after the holiday?
Yes! We can have ANY cat food or product waiting for you when you come to collect pussy cat. Just ask a member of our team.
Can I buy my cat some toys and treats for his/her stay?
Yes! If you forget to bring some toys along from your cat’s stay, we have a lovely range of cat toys here for sale. Prices start at around £3.00
What brands of foods do you sell?
Royal Canin, Hills, Lily’s Kitchen, James Wellbeloved, Applaws and more..
Do you deliver food and litter?
Yes! We can deliver our wood-based cat litter to your home. So long as you live in the Edinburgh area and can buy at least 4 x 10kg bags at once. We would normally deliver by arrangement and when the van is in your area.
Do you have a catalogue that I can choose from?

Unfortunately not. But our shop is open 7 days per week and you are welcome to pop over. Our team are always on hand to help and offer advice. 

Can you supply prescription foods?
No! We can only supply non-prescription pet foods.
Can you supply medicines?
No! Your Veterinary Surgeon can help with this.
My cat has very long claws. Can you cut them during the stay?
Yes! We’d be happy to cut your cat’s claws when staying with us. We’d normally do this a day or so prior to going home.
How much does cutting claws cost?
£10 per cat. Please ask at the time of booking or when you bring pussy cat in to stay. Sorry – we can’t cut your cat’s claws if they’re not staying with us in the cattery
How often do claws need to be cut?
It depends! Indoor cats claws may need cutting more often as they’re not climbing trees or fences. Outdoor cats still may have sharp claws but need clipping less often. We’ll advise you when you bring your cats in to stay.
What happens if I forget to update the flea/ worming?
Not ideal! We would rather that the flea and worming treatments are done PRIOR to arrival and covers the period that the cat is staying with us. However, if you have forgotten to apply flea and/or worming treatments in enough time, we can apply this for you. There is a small charge to cover the cost of product used. We normally use Frontline or Advantage for Flea treatments ( spot-on ) and Drontal worming tablets.
My cat is an indoor cat. Why do I have to treat him/her for fleas and worms.
We insist that all cats staying at Catseye Cattery have up to date flea and worming treatments. ( NOT shop bought products, please use Vet recommended applications )

Although the risk is very small, there is a chance that fleas especially could be in the environment or on another cat. If the cats in our care have up to date applications, we can minimise the risk of flea spreading. Within the “commercial” environment such as a cattery, the risk is much higher than if the cat was at home. Whether your cat is indoor or outdoor – appropriate treatments must be used.

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