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Bitten off more than you can chew Sammy?
Cats are usually very attached to their own homes and become unsettled when their routine and environment suddenly changes. Many will need a little extra ‘TLC’ to ensure that they settle well whilst you are away.
There are a few tips which you can try to help minimise their stress:

  • Try and leave the pet carrier out in your cat’s favourite room for a few days before you bring him/ her to the cattery. He/ she will become used to the sight and presence of the box and will be less unsettled once he/ she is placed in it. Some cats love their boxes as they can recognise their own scent. Some owners prefer to keep the pet carrier in the cattery chalet for their cat as it holds many familiar scents from home.
  • Consider bringing an item of your own clothing (unwashed) which will carry your scent and may help to reassure your cat and make them feel more secure in a strange environment.
  • If your cat is particularly sensitive, talk to your vet about using an artificial pheromone spray. This spray mimics the scent produced in a cat’s facial glands and makes them feel more secure. We also have plug in pheromone which we can position close to your cat’s chalet to further settle the more nervous and unsettled cat. Please discuss this with us at time of booking.
      • Feliway pheromone spray is available from the Catseye Cattery store – for more information on Feliway vist their website
  • Make sure you tell the cattery owner about any particular likes and dislikes, and especially if your cat needs a lot of cuddles and attention.
      • At Catseye Cattery we do our best to ensure that we do whatever is needed to settle even the most timid and sensitive cats whilst in our care.
  • I'm just overwhelmed by the whole experienceMake sure you tell us about your cat’s food preferences so that we can continue as far as possible to keep your cat’s routine normal for him / her.
  • If you have more than one cat, give some consideration to their relationship to each other at home. Try to house together cats that get on well and consider separating those who ‘tolerate’ rather than ‘enjoy’ each other!
      • All of the chalets (pens) at Catseye Cattery comfortably house up to two cats. We also have adjoining doors to some of our chalets which allow three or more cats to share together whilst enjoying additional space (we can also provide an additional pen for two cats if required)
  • If you prefer to bring along your cat’s own bedding, toys or scratching post, most catteries will be able to accommodate this – It may help to settle your cat if he/ she has familiar objects and scents in his new surroundings

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