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If you’re a regular customer at Catseye Cattery you’ll know all about our Client Loyalty Scheme. The scheme currently gives you one free day for every 12 days stayed.
With effect from 1 January 2014, we will be changing the way the Catseye Cattery Loyalty Scheme works. We are very aware that our customers value this reward and we are keen to keep a loyalty scheme. However, there are a few administrative difficulties with the way the scheme currently runs.
For example if a customer boards a different number of cats on different occasions.
So we have devised a new system which is simpler to maintain and also gives the customer greater choice in how they use the reward.
Each customer will have a new type of loyalty card. You’ll earn a stamp for every day each cat stays. When you have completed 21 stamps on the card you will receive your loyalty voucher worth £10:00. This voucher will be valid from 12 months from date of issue and may be redeemed either for boarding charges or for shop purchases.
We will calculate the monetary value of all existing points for our customers and will deduct that amount from the boarding charges of the next visit booked during 2014. So you won’t loose any for the whole free that you currently have accrued. We will calculate the value of your points under the current scheme like this:
Let’s say you have one cat and has stayed with us for 27 days during 2013. You have not redeemed any of your free days so far.
So, under the old scheme you’ll be due 2 free days ( 1 free day for every 12 days stayed ) = 2 x £12.95 = £25.90. This credit will be applied to your next available booking from 1 January 2014.
The percentage reward may be reduced from the previous scheme but we would prefer to do this to protect the current boarding rates for as long as possible without further increase. And gives you more choice on how you wish to use the £10 voucher by either using towards a cattery booking or helping make savings on Catseye Cattery Shop purchases!
If you have any queries on this, please don’t hesitate to ask either Michael, Helen or any of our team.

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