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Kitty collection & delivery service

Take advantage of our Pick-up & Delivery Service – after all, we’re only a whisker away!

Battling with a busy work schedule? We can come to you at a suitable time – whether that’s during your lunch break or afternoon when you get home from work.

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Struggling to make all your holiday arrangements before you go?

We can help take some of the load off by coming round to pick up your cat/s – helping to make sure there aren’t any stowaways in your suitcase! Please see our terms and conditions & the price list below. As a rough guide, cat collection and delivery from and to Edinburgh City Centre is around £55.00.

Cat collection and delivery prices

Click your postcode and check either one way or collection and delivery costs. All other areas, price available on request.

EH1, EH3, EH6, EH10, EH16, EH17 and EH18

Collection or delivery only – £34
Collection and delivery – £55

EH2, EH7 and EH20

Collection or delivery only – £33
Collection and delivery – £53


Collection or delivery only – £37
Collection and delivery – £61

EH5 and EH42

Collection or delivery only – £36
Collection and delivery – £58

EH8, EH9, EH19 and EH23

Collection or delivery only – £32
Collection and delivery – £51

EH11 and EH12

Collection or delivery only – £41
Collection and delivery – £63


Collection or delivery only – £46
Collection and delivery – £78

EH14 and EH28

Collection or delivery only – £45
Collection and delivery – £67

EH15 and EH39

Collection or delivery only – £29
Collection and delivery – £44

EH21 and EH22

Collection or delivery only – £24
Collection and delivery – £35

EH24 and EH25

Collection or delivery only – £35
Collection and delivery – £56


Collection or delivery only – £40
Collection and delivery – £66

EH27 and EH29

Collection or delivery only – £57
Collection and delivery – £71


Collection or delivery only – £49
Collection and delivery – £75

EH32, EH33, EH34, EH35, EH36, EH37 and EH41

Collection or delivery only – £20 (min)
Collection and delivery – £35 (min)


Collection or delivery only – £35
Collection and delivery – £57


Collection or delivery only – £30
Collection and delivery – £44

Edinburgh Airport

Collection or delivery only – £60

Glasgow Airport

Collection or delivery only – £120

Happy cats, happy owners

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  • This was my first time using a cattery and I can highly recommend Catseye. Fantastic Staff, very clean accommodation and my cat was very happy and well looked after. I would not hesitate to use in the future. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking such good care of Willow. 🐱

    Jacqui O'Loan Avatar Jacqui O'Loan
    October 7, 2022

    I was recently very fortunate to get the opportunity to spend some time at Catseye Cattery as a vet work experience student. The team at Catseye are so friendly and the quality of care given to the cats is tremendous. They have a wealth of experience and I was lucky to learn from them all about how to provide an amazing quality of care for cats.

    Calum Black Avatar Calum Black
    September 21, 2022

    Couldn’t recommend Catseye Cattery enough. Michael liaised with us throughout the booking process and couldn’t be more helpful/easy to contact. The pick up/drop off service was ideal for us in the city who do not drive. Both cats came home well cared for. Will definitely book again should boarding for our cats be required!

    Sarah Bowman Avatar Sarah Bowman
    July 17, 2022
  • The pens are spotless and have a window view. Both my cats appeared to gave a lovely time. Staff are very nice and friendly and had my cats personality s worked out pretty quickly. Haven't needed to use Catseye for a few year but wouldn't hesitate to use again.

    Lynda J Avatar Lynda J
    March 12, 2022

    I'd highly recommend Catseye. This was mine and my cats first time of using a cattery and although it was extremely hard leaving him, the staff were very kind and reassuring. The team were fantastic at answering my calls and providing updates while I was away. It's good to know there is somewhere safe he can be left where he'll be well looked after if we ever need to use one again. The cattery itself is spotless with lovely spacious pens for the cats where they get a good view of the outdoors. Thank you again Catseye!

    Lisa R Avatar Lisa R
    December 16, 2021

    Nice and friendly staff, our cats were well looked-after while we had them here for the week.

    Laura Pearson Avatar Laura Pearson
    May 30, 2021

Services FAQs

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How can I order cat collection service and how much it would be?

We offer a collection and delivery service door to door between the cattery and your home. Transport times are mutually agreed and usually undertaken within normal opening hours once the busy morning round is finished (usually from around 11:00).

Charges are in the fee structure above based on Edinburgh postcodes. 

If you wish to arrange this service, please get in touch and we discuss your requirements.

This service can be useful if you will be arriving home out-with normal opening hours or you suffer from unexpected travel delays. It may be possible to make an arrangement between Michael and a family member or friend to deliver the cats back to your home so that they are there when you get back. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

When do I need to Book the Cat Collection or Delivery Service?
We ask that you book the collection and/or delivery service at the time of making the boarding booking. This means that we can put you in our diary system and not over-book collections or deliveries!

Our online booker has the option to request collections or deliveries. Please select this from the “Appointments” menu on our online booking system via our website

However, if for any unforeseen reason you require the collection or delivery service after you have booked your cats’ stay, please do let us know as soon as you can. We’ll make every effort to assist your requirements.

We’ll call you a day or so prior the arrival to firm-up the arrangements and check for any parking restrictions at your home address. We’ll also use this opportunity to take the final payment.

What type of Vehicle to you use for Collection & Delivery?
We operate a kitty collection service van. Air-conditioned and warm: a “chauffeur” driven trip to your cats’ holiday is just what they’d love!!
What times can you Collect or Deliver?

We’ll normally collect / deliver cats within our opening hours.  The weekday Collection / Delivery times are normally within the time windows of: 11am – 1pm or 2pm-3pm. Please discuss your requirements at your earliest opportunity. Collection & delivery service is NOT available on Sundays.  – so you may need to change your requested boarding dates to accommodate this.

This service will be agreed at the time of booking and we normally give you an hour time window when we’ll arrive. A text message will be sent when the van is en route giving you plenty of time to prepare. And we normally call you to ensure that there’s someone at home to receive your cat/s when they’re being delivered.

Can you collect from Edinburgh City Centre?
Yes! Our van is usually very busy in and around Edinburgh – and beyond! Including Edinburgh Airport Cargo Centre.
Can you collect or delivery outside the Edinburgh area?
Yes! Subject to availability, we can collect and deliver to anywhere in mainland UK. Please ask for a price and availability.

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