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Our Rates

Our rates include all the boring stuff like VAT, litter, insurance but also:

Daily grooming and play sessions by our dedicated staff

Meals served just the way they like it!

Cuddling, love and attention

Minimum twice daily cat room service

Constant checks to ensure every cat is happy and relaxed

All fresh, clean bedding, a scratch post/platform, litter trays & grooming equipment

Our cattery daily rates are

Happy cats, happy owners

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  • 5 star review  Our cat Ralph was very happy and well cared for by Michael and his staff. The cattery is clean, comfortable, bright and spacious. Ralph came home happy and relaxed, and would have no hesitation in recommending. So much so, Ralph is booked in again for September 🙂

    thumb Sheila Batten

    5 star review  Situated in the countryside, Catseye is a great place to leave your feline. The owners go out of their way to be friendly and welcoming. The cat pens are clean, bright, totally sheltered with PVC doors and double glazing, yet are airy and heated. I've seen a few catteries that weren't up to scratch, Catseye is a different story. It's the type of place you'd want to stay if you were a cat :-). Their webcam service is an excellent feature.

    thumb Kevin

    5 star review  Our two cats always come back happy, well-groomed and generally in better spirits than the other cattery we use when Catseye isn't available. Cat taxi option is very convenient (Michael has always been pleasant upon arrival). Their webcam feature is honestly why we love this place- there's no greater comfort than being able to see our cats when we're away from home. You can see they're well looked after. Also love the recent addition to the booking tool on their website, where they've personalised it with pictures of our cats for future bookings. Two happy customers ???

    thumb Megan O'Boyle
  • 5 star review  When I arrived the staff were friendly and I felt comfortable leaving my cat in their care. I was reassured that the facilities were modern, clean, and comfortable - and that every cat there looked relaxed and well cared for. When I arrived to pick her back up I found that she barely wanted to leave the place. I'm very happy and would definitely leave my cat here again in the future!

    thumb Connor Stuart

    5 star review  Made our very nervous boy, Whisper, comfortable. Michael was really helpful and kept us up to date with how Whisper was throughout the stay. The enclosures are clean, cosy and spacious. Would definitely use Catseye again.

    thumb Laura Millar

    5 star review  Had a really positive experience with this cattery. The facility is clean and well maintained. The staff were very professional and thorough when it came to pre-checks, and were attentive to the cats in their care. Really appreciated the web-cam option which meant that we could see how our cat was setting in and show a video feed to our young child who was missing his pet.

    thumb Iain Hunter

Rates FAQs

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Is there a discount for long-term boarding?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount on boarding fees for any stay longer than five weeks (35 days) consecutively

What are your daily rates?
  • £19 per day 1 cat
  • £28 per day 2 cats sharing a room
  • £37.50 per day 3 cats sharing a double room
  • £44 per day 4 cats sharing a double room
  • £55 per day 5 cats sharing a double room
Do your prices include VAT?

Yes! All prices quoted and booking confirmations include VAT at standard rates.

Can I get a refund if I get back early?

Unfortunately, no refunds are applicable because the room has been reserved by you for the duration of your cat’s stay. Should you choose to remove the cat before the end of the period booked – we could have sold this space to someone else.

The same applies if you don’t bring you cat in on the day that you have booked.
Please see our full Ts & Cs.

Why is there a surcharge for 25th & 26th Dec and 1st & 2nd Jan?

This is to cover extra staffing costs for unsociable working hours. We charge £10 extra per room for these dates only.

Why do you insist on a minimum stay over Christmas?

We have many customers that go away for Christmas and New Year. And many of them travel long distances to see family and friends in far-off lands! They are normally away for 3-4 weeks at a time.

This policy has been proven to be very popular with our customers. Regrettably, we do give priority to clients who go away at Christmas for extended periods.

Why is there a minimum three day stay?

For economic reasons! When a cat stays with us, all the equipment in the room and the whole room itself has to be completely cleaned and disinfected. It can be a long process so in order to cover our costs, 3 days is the minimum charge.

Can my cats stay in separate pens as they don’t get on very well together?

Yes! Subject to availability, you can book two separate rooms for two cats. We would charge 2 x the single cat rate for a booking such as this.

Why do you charge for full days?

We keep impeccably high standards with regards to prevention of infection and health and safety, and every unit and all items of equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between stays. This cleaning does take time and it is essential to ensure that your cat remains comfortable throughout his/ her stay. We aim to always have the unit ready for your cat’s arrival and we also insist that they are allowed to remain in their unit in comfort until you arrive to collect them. We will never leave your cat in a carrier waiting for you to collect him /her and so we need to book the unit for both day of arrival and day of departure. Our many customers value this policy highly as they have the guarantee that their cat is comfortable for their entire stay.

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