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Secure and clean luxury guest rooms

We have made a significant investment in our cattery facilities and guest rooms.
Made from contemporary building materials, all our guest rooms have a lovely heated bedroom with double glazed window. In winter they’re warm and stay cool in the summer. All have a semi-outdoor play area with delightful countryside views.

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Twin guest rooms

Large enough for up to 2 cats from the same family to share.

Family guest rooms 

Two inter-connection twin rooms – large enough for up to 4 cats from the same family. Or, up-grade your booking to a family room so kitty can really stretch out!!

Outside & Reception

Facts about our guest rooms

  • Clean spacious accommodation of unrivalled quality
  • 100% Cats, no dogs!!
  • Safe and Secure facilities
  • Purpose built and state-of-the-art facility
  • Thermostatically controlled heated chalets
  • Access to window and a spacious semi-outside area
  • Loads of natural light and views with live entertainment!
  • Fully wind and water tight in inclement weather
  • Space for individual or multi cat families
  • Administration of routine medication including injections
  • Customers welcome to inspect premises prior to booking! ( by appointment only )
  • 24 hours CCTV Security System

Explore one of our Twin Guest Rooms in virtual reality

Happy cats, happy owners

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So glad I found this team. Have watched their caretaker on webcam giving my two cats loads of fuss and care. The place is immaculate. Only problem I can foresee is that they won’t want to leave. Well done Michael, Helen, young Dean and the rest of the team. Cat hotel obviously run by cat aficionados.

Judith Tilstone 
Judith Tilstone

This was Bertie’s fist stay at Catseye and we could tell he had been happy and settled, last time he stayed in a cattery he was almost distressed to see us and was unsettled at home for a couple of days. Michael and the team have looked after him so well and he was happy to see us but so relaxed when we picked him up.  The cattery itself is immaculate, very ‘cat friendly’ with different levels and beds in the sleeping area and a separate area which they can access by a cat flap for the litter tray and scratch post. Food, water and tray are in different areas which keeps the cats nice and relaxed.
Thank you all so much I’ll be happier leaving him when we’re away in the future knowing he is in such good hands.

Elaine Paterson 
Elaine Paterson

Cattery FAQs

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My cat has never used a cat flap before.
This is not a problem. Cats are usually very intelligent and soon work out how to use a cat flap!! We often clip the flap open to begin with until we are sure that the cat knows how to get in and out!
My cat is used to a particular type of cat litter. What litter do you use?
Cats can be very particular about their toileting habits and can have problems if things are not ‘just right’. We usually use wood based litter in the cattery and many cats adapt easily to this even if they are used to using a different litter, or used to only going outside. However, some cats have a strong preference and do not like change,. If you cat is used to a different type of litter or prefers a hooded tray we can accommodate this without any problem.
I have three/four cats. Can they all share a unit together?
Many families have more than two cats and although our units are only large enough to comfortably accommodate two cats from a family, we do have adjoining units which can open up to make lots of space for up to four cats.
I have two cats who don’t get on well with each other all of the time! Can they be separated if required?
Some families who have two cats prefer to pay for a unit for each cat. We can open up the partition so that the cats can spend time together but also have the option of having a bit more space when they want a bit of peace! We can do exactly whatever you prefer: we can leave the partition open or closed all the time, or we can close the partition at meal times (very useful if you have two large cats e.g. beautiful big maine coons who may need a bit of extra space, two cats on different diets, or if you have a kitten and an adult cat with different energy levels!!). You can choose exactly what you would like us to do.
Can my cat bring some toys and his favourite bed?
Yes! Although we do provide, beds, mats, scratching posts, litter trays and grooming equipment, we do recommend that you bring something from home – be it a favourite bed, blanket or toy, that’ll be fine! You do not need to bring “hard items” such as litter trays – we have our own and the processes for cleaning them.
When Catseye Cattery is fully booked, do you recommend another cattery?
Not normally! Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend the quality of other catteries in the Edinburgh area. This is because we’re very focused on what we do at Catseye Cattery, and don’t have professional or personal experience of any alternative facilities.
Are you open every day of the week?

Unlike many of our competitors, we are open 6 days per week. Our opening hours are:

  • Mon-Fri 11am-5pm*
  • Sat 11am-1pm
  • Sun Closed

Cat arrivals, Mon-Fri 11am-5pm. Cat departures, Mon – Fri 11am-3pm. Cat Arrivals & Departures, Sat 11am-1pm

*Departing cats must be collected by 3pm

As we’re a small family business, please respect our opening hours. We can sometimes by mutual agreement operate outwith these hours for arrivals or departures. Please ask a member of the team at time of booking if that is required. An out of hours charge may be payable.

Do you let the cats out?
A Big fat NO! Our guests will never leave the room that they are staying in unless for any reason we have to move them to another. This is for obvious reasons – we don’t want our guests escaping or coming into direct contact with another cat.
How do they get out into the garden?
Another NO! Catseye Cattery is situated in the lovely East Lothian countryside. Our landscaped garden and grounds are peaceful and idyllic! Although the cats in our care never leave their rooms, they have lots of lovely views and fresh air. They can watch the birds, other wildlife and see all the grasses in the garden rustle in the wind!

Do they have an outdoor run?
No, not really! The rooms have what we call “Semi-outdoor areas” with a fully heated indoor bedroom. The semi-outdoor area gets lots of fresh air and natural light – so outdoor cats feel like they’re outdoors and indoor cats love the simulation too!
My cat is very 'outdoorsy'. Will he get upset being kept inside?
We have lots of indoor and outdoor cats staying with us. And our care packages are based on each cat individually. Our dedicated team ensure that all cats are happy and settled and if they need a little extra bit of stimulation, we’re happy attend to that!

The cattery rooms have an indoor heated room in winter and a semi-outdoor exercise area meaning that most outdoor cats can feel as if they are outside but aren’t really!

From our experience, outdoor cats settle very quickly and love the countryside views and fresh air.

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