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Meet our happy guests

We offer peace of mind to our clients who appreciate that their cat/s are being cared for in a secure, clean and healthy environment by people who are passionate about cats!  Meet our happy and satisfied special guests!

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Happy cats, happy owners

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This is the best cattery ever, verified by cats themselves who go in a sulk when they have to come home from their holidays they come home happy, brushed until they shine and clearly ready to go back. I would add another star for helping with our sspca adopted cat who lost almost all of his shyness and suspiciousness after just one stay see you next time guys, you are amazing.

Kaja Grzegorczyn 
Kaja Grzegorczyn

I have had my cat there and my other cats before, it is the best clean, cosy, and most of all your cat is well looked after and given love, a deserving 5 star!

Maria Thomson 
Maria Thomson

Had my FIV+ cat for a little less than a week in the cattery and just got him back today!
He’s a very nervous and timid cat and gets easily stressed but he’s totally alright and came back as happy and healthy as he can be!

So many thanks for the team for caring for him and even bringing him back a day earlier! Definitely will use and recommend the cattery again!

Patricia Müller 
Patricia Müller

Cattery FAQs

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My kitten is full of energy and used to running around and playing. I’m worried he/she will get bored in a cattery while I’m away.

Most kittens settle really quickly and we always pay particular attention to them to ensure they have plenty to do. We have some extra special scratch posts that we use for the kittens to make their accommodation more exciting to explore and to encourage play. Always remember to bring plenty of toys for them to play with.

My cat is used to being very warm and cosy at home. How will he/she cope with staying at Catseye Cattery?

We have thermostatically controlled heaters in the indoor section of each unit. These heaters keep the temperature to comfortable and cosy level which makes it easy for the cats to snuggle up and stay warm!

What vaccinations does my cat need to have?

Regulations stipulate that all cats boarding in a cattery must have a valid certificate for cat flu (feline herpesvirus and feline calcivirus) and feline enteritis (feline panleukopenia virus). Some vets also use additional vaccinations against feline chlamydiosis and feline leukaemia virus. These additional vaccinations are not essential for cattery boarding as the cats will not have any contact with each other during their stay.

Vaccinations should have been done at least seven days before arrival at the cattery. If they are done less than a week before there is a risk that your cat’s immunity levels may be low and they may not be fully protected against infection.

We regret that we will not accept any cats into the cattery if they have never been vaccinated.

Why do I need to make sure that my cat/s have had flea and worming treatments?

Vets recommend that all cats receive flea and worming treatments. Totally indoor cats that never go outside and never encounter other cats are at low risk and generally only need worming treatment annually. Outdoor cats should receive flea treatment monthly and worming treatment every 3 months although there are some products that your vet may recommend which last longer than this. Generally speaking the products recommended by vets are more effective and reliable than those bought over the counter.

We request that all cats coming into the cattery are up to date with flea and worming treatment for their own protection as well as for the protection of others. We prefer to administer both flea and worming treatment if necessary on arrival if your cat is not up to date. This is not only for your cat’s protection but also for the protection of the other cats in the cattery.

What happens if my cat/s is taken ill during a stay at Catseye Cattery?

We always take full contact details of your cat’s vet at time of booking just in case anything happens while you are away. We also request as much detail as possible of any past and current medical conditions. In the event of any illness we always make every effort to contact you to keep you informed of what is happening. We also request that you sign a form to give us permission to act on your behalf in the event of any emergency. This form is usually signed at the first visit and then kept on file.

If your cat is ill we prefer where possible to take the cat to his/ her usual vet. This is because the vet has the full medical history particularly in long term conditions and also because we know you have full faith in the vet you have chosen. We are happy to take the cat to the vet if required and to administer any medicines that have been prescribed.

We also have the option in the event of an urgent problem to take the cat to the nearby Dunedin Vet Group in Tranent. The vet here can get in touch with your own vet as needed if any background information is required. This local vet is also on hand to attend any emergency at the cattery if it were needed. If there was an emergency overnight Dunedin Vet Group use the services of EVets, which is the emergency service run by Braid Vet Hospital in Edinburgh. Many of the vet practices in Edinburgh use the EVets out of hours cover for their clients.

Why do I need to disclose all my cat’s previous medical history?

It is extremely useful to have some details of any past history as this may alert us to a possible problem much more quickly if your cat shows signs of illness. Even something simple such as an ear infection or urinary infection can be recurrent and most importantly may develop as a sign of stress when your cat is away from home.

I have three/four cats. Can they all share a unit together?

Many families have more than two cats and although our units are only large enough to comfortably accommodate two cats from a family, we do have adjoining units which can open up to make lots of space for up to four cats.

Can my cat bring some toys and his favourite bed?

Yes! Although we do provide, beds, mats, scratching posts, litter trays and grooming equipment, we do recommend that you bring something from home – be it a favourite bed, blanket or toy, that’ll be fine! You do not need to bring “hard items” such as litter trays – we have our own and the processes for cleaning them.

When Catseye Cattery is fully booked, do you recommend another cattery?

Not normally! Unfortunately, we are unable to recommend the quality of other catteries in the Edinburgh area. This is because we’re very focused on what we do at Catseye Cattery, and don’t have professional or personal experience of any alternative facilities.

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