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The cattery now gets booked up quite far in advance for the popular periods as people want to make absolutely sure that their cat is cared for by us while they are away. Always ensure that you have booked an adequate number of days so that you do not encounter difficulties if there are any late changes to your travel arrangements
–       Flight times may change and delays can always happen. You may also have to check time differences if you are flying long haul. Most of our bookings now are back to back in the diary with little unused space to accommodate late changes / additions to either side of a booking.
–       We try to stick to our opening hours as far as possible in order to protect the small amount of private time we have as a family and to make sure that priority is given to the cats in our care to receive the high standard of care they deserve.  We are open seven days a week but only mornings at the weekend. Please take note of the opening hours and take these into consideration when booking your cat’s stay. We have an out of hours charge of £20.
–       Many of our customers make use of our Collection and Delivery Service. This is an optional extra and provides a very convenient way of making your holiday plans run smoothly. We try to book all our collection and deliveries within our opening hours as far as possible, although this may differ occasionally if agreed between the customer and Catseye Cattery. Mornings can be difficult as our first priority in the day is to see to the needs of all the cats in the cattery. Michael will always be in touch a day or two before the cat is due to be collected to firm up collection times with the customer. He will give APPROXIMATE TIMES which may be subject to delay if he is caught up in traffic or is unavoidably delayed at the Cattery.
Our aim is to respond quickly to all communication from new and existing customers. Occasionally there is a problem and a customer thinks that we have not responded. We have outlined below exactly what you should expect and receive from us in response to any correspondence:
–       We aim to reply to all enquiries as quickly as possible, and definitely within 24 hours. Even if you leave a telephone message or an availability enquiry through the website you should receive a quick response. Telephone and internet messages are checked frequently throughout the day.
–       If you are a new customer and you contact us to make a booking the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Once you have decided to book with us we will request that you complete a booking form. This can be done online (preferred option) or in person. We CANNOT go forward to process and confirm a booking until we have received a completed form from you.
  2. We never accept pencilled in bookings.
  3. No booking is absolutely confirmed and guaranteed until the deposit has been paid.
  4. Once we receive your booking form we will process the paperwork and send you a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. If you do not receive that within the specified time please do get back in touch with us. Occasionally e-mails can get lost in junk mail depending on the firewalls in use on your computer and sometimes because our e-mail carries the word Facebook! The confirmation email will include the dates you have booked, the number of cats you have booked, the total charge, the deposit amount, and different was you can pay your deposit. If you have requested any extra services: collection and delivery/ claw clipping/ webcam facility/ medication administration/ double pens etc this should also be noted on your confirmation and included in the total charge. If anything is missing please let us know immediately.
  5. If you have omitted any details we may get back in touch with you to clarify. For example we always prefer to know exactly what foods your cat eats normally so that we can check that we have it in stock, or so we can ask you to bring a supply.
  6. If you have selected an arrival or departure time outwith our normal hours we will highlight this on your confirmation to alert you that the times would incur the extra out of hours charge. This will hopefully give ample opportunity for you to change your plans to accommodate our opening hours.

–       If you are an existing customer all you need to give us is the dates you require and any other services you would like to add. Arrival and departure times are useful. Don’t forget to give us details of any changes to your or your cat’s details. The booking will be processed within 24 hours and the usual confirmation e-mail will be sent.
–       You will be advised about the loyalty scheme and given a card the first time your cat comes to stay. It is your responsibility to look after the card and bring it with you to subsequent visits so that the card is kept up to date.

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